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Axe and Bow

A Legolas and Gimli fan archive

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The Bearding of Legolas

by Sleeveheart

Warnings: Graphic Sex
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JRR Tolkien. No money is being made and no copyright infringement is intended.
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Summary: A PWP of four vignettes
A/N: Voyeuristic naugrimphiles Nildor and Fiolad, who came to light in Overheard, make a guest appearance.

Dedicated to my husband's lovely, abundant beard, 1981 1989. Gone but not forgotten. I will never see its like again unless I hide his razor.

Thanks to ~*Cheysuli*~ for a brilliant beta.

Vignette 1: The Discovery

Gimli and Legolas ran, laughing, into the quarters they would share during their visit to Minas Tirith. Legolas immediately headed toward the private bathroom, fending off a playful Gimli. "We just have time for baths before dinner," said Legolas, deftly evading the Dwarf's grasp. "Separately, Gimli! We cannot stand up the King and Queen of Gondor because we can't keep our hands off each other."

Gimli laughed lecherously and after making one last playful grab at the Elf, shooed him toward the bathroom.

Gimli and his entourage had arrived in Minas Tirith three days ago to find Legolas' company already there. The lovers had been apart for seven months, each dealing with his respective duties, and each eagerly awaiting this long-planned reunion. Seven months of separation had made them starved for each other. After Gimli had delivered the briefest acceptable greetings to Aragorn and Arwen, they had gone off together for three blissful days of laughing, talking and making wild love in the countryside. They had returned within the last hour and had very little time to clean up and dress for a formal dinner.

While waiting his turn in the bathroom, Gimli took stock of their comfortable and spacious rooms. A huge bed always good; two writing desks, each sized perfectly for its user; luxurious rugs and hangings; a stone fireplace of superior workmanship; a balcony blooming with plants; a selection of scented oils (Aragorn was nothing if not a thoughtful host); many comfortable chairs and

A particular green leather chair caught Gimli's attention. He examined the chair carefully and was still examining it when Legolas emerged, all smooth and clean and naked, from the bathroom.

"Look at this, Legolas."

Legolas sauntered over, rubbing the towel provocatively over his satiny Elven behind an action that never failed to ignite Gimli. Except today. Today Gimli was more interested in the furniture.

Legolas shrugged and examined the object of the Dwarf's attention. It was an odd thing, rather a cross between a very wide armchair and a couch, with low arms and a high back. If an Elf or two Elves,as the thing was nearly wide enough used it as an armchair their legs would lay straight out, as if on a footstool. It might make a nice bed for a child or a hobbit, but other than that it looked awkward.

Gimli, however, was stroking it lovingly, his face alight with the joy of discovery. "Remember what I told you about the sexual rites of young Dwarves?"

"Not many juicy details yet, but yes, I do remember," said Legolas.

"It included, well, not this exactly, but something very much like it. This chair is much akin to a . hmmm, in a in the common tongue, it would be called a lovers' chair. This has not so many positions, of course, but it fills my head with ideas." Gimli's eyes glowed with a fierce fire.

"Ah." Legolas tilted his head to the side and examined the chair again doubtfully. "I suppose I can see some possibilities."

"The possibilities are many, I assure you. That's the purpose of the initiation to discover various possibilities." He ran his fingers lightly over the soft green leather of the low arms.

"And what did you discover?" asked Legolas.

"That I wanted one of these chairs," Gimli said before trudging off to the bathroom, leaving Legolas to ponder the chair.

Vignette 2: Dinner and After

They were seated at the high table with members of the court, and Legolas saw that Gimli's entourage was seated with two Elves of his own party. These two were Nildor and Fiolad, Elves from Lorien who had joined Legolas' Ithilien colony. They had begged to accompany him to Minas Tirith and were now beaming all their Elven charm onto Gimli's usually clannish cohorts. And it was working; the Elves and the Dwarves chatted cheerfully and laughed together. This was a good sign not every Elf of Ithilien and Dwarf of Aglarond viewed Legolas and Gimli's union with unbridled enthusiasm.

Legolas and Gimli ate while making polite conversation with the courtly Gondorians, but Gimli eventually fell into a pensive silent.

"You are deep in thought, Gimli," said Legolas, smiling gently at his love. "What is on your mind?"

"I am thinking of that chair in our quarters and of a very limber Elf of my acquaintance who loves the feel of my beard on his skin." He rolled his "r's" exaggeratedly and waggled his eyebrow, which in their private language meant that innovative sex was on the agenda. "I am thinking of how to put the two together for the best result."

Legolas didn't ask anymore. Gimli had a plan, and Gimli's plans were always great fun for Legolas.

When Legolas had first realized that he loved Gimli, he'd thought he'd be in for some rough times with a cantankerous partner; but Gimli wasn't like that. He was loving, generous, and had developed an endearing hobby: devising new ways to please the one he called "his Elf" like it was the most important thing in the world. Gimli was endlessly fascinated with his lover's flexible body and planned accordingly he had actually brought a sheaf of notes with him to Minas Tirith, detailing some interesting permutations that had occurred to him during their separation from each other. Legolas was pleased and touched that Gimli thought about him so often while they were parted.

Dinner was officially over, and guests were wandering around and forming into small groups. It was the earliest time decorum permitted the pair to excuse themselves and return to their quarters, pleading weariness from travel. Arwen's knowing smile and Aragorn's crooked eyebrow told them they were not fooling anyone. On their way out of the hall, Legolas saw that Nildor and Fiolad had separated two handsome, dark-bearded Dwarves from the throng and were happily chatting and drinking with them by the fire.

Legolas nudged Gimli and nodded toward the group. Aware of the sudden attention, the group by the fire bowed respectfully to their lords; Legolas and Gimli acknowledged the bows and exchanged a speculative look with each other. Maybe ... Could it be? Improbable. And yet ...

Their gaze returned to the group by the fire. The Dwarves looked smug and contented, and the Elves were smiling radiantly. Legolas and Gimli knew these looks, having seen them on themselves often enough, especially in the last 3 days.

Legolas was intrigued and wanted to stay and tactfully investigate. Gimli, however, had plans for his Elf and the chair and he was not about to be put off. He grabbed the Elf's hand firmly and towed him out of the great hall, with Legolas looking back and muttering, "Seemingly a lot has happened in the last 3 days."

Vignette 3: Legolas Gets Bearded

Gimli triple-locked the door to their rooms. Doubtless the palace guards were schooled in the vocal enthusiasms of elves in passion and would not react to anything less than a cry for help, but he was taking no chances on interruption.

"Go," Gimli said, motioning toward the bathroom. "Make whatever ablutions you require. I am going to arrange furniture. Oh, wait." He went to the side table and selected one of the bottles of scented oil. He sniffed it and tossed it to Legolas. "Here. Prepare your gorgeous nether regions. I want to get right to it when you return."

Legolas marveled at how Gimli could give the impression of jumping up and down with excitement while standing perfectly still.

The Elf sniffed the oil. Heather. "Am I to assume that we will make use of the mighty Dwarven axe, and not the impressive Elven arrow?"

Gimli laughed at their private language. "Yes, and the axe is twitching at the prospect. Besides, we used the arrow so much yesterday, I thought I'd give it a rest. Now go! Go!" He said, shooing Legolas into the bathroom.

Legolas disappeared into the bathroom, smiling as he remembered yesterday's playful romp under a wide, heavily traveled bridge both struggling to be silent when a group of Gondorian soldiers stopped overhead for lunch.

Gimli was the perfect lover, or so Legolas believed. In the way of dwarves, he had had no lover before Legolas. Shy and uncertain at first, Gimli had quickly taken control of their love life. Pleasure, adventure, and fun always rewarded Legolas for doing what Gimli told him to do. Legolas had never been very aggressive sexually, and it pleased him to have that part of his life taken care of so well.

While waiting for Legolas to come out of the bathroom, Gimli took the odd green chair out of its corner and placed it closer to the bed, humming while he thought of his simple but innovative plan. Legolas writhed and quivered whenever Gimli rubbed his beard on the Elf's smooth skin, and his shoulder blades were unusually sensitive pleasure areas. Legolas' position on the chair would concentrate his motions on Gimli's shaft, which would be tucked securely inside the Elf. The arms of the chair would give Legolas sufficient leverage to direct friction to his internal passion spots, and a wonderful time would be had by all.

He lit several candles and carefully arranged them. He threw off his clothes in record speed, then unbraided his beard and liberally anointed the "mighty dwarven axe" with oil. He perched on the edge of the chair humming happily to himself as he unbraided his hair.

Legolas came out of the bathroom with his long golden hair wild and loose. He was shockingly beautiful and debauched looking, and the mighty axe perked up even further in interest. Gimli never tired of looking at the ethereal beauty of his golden lover.

Gimli snuggled back against the chair's backrest and growled, "Come here, Elf."

"What, not even a kiss beforehand?" teased Legolas.

"No, no kisses yet. We are starting at the end and working forward." Gimli growled, his eyes shining with a fierce hunger.

Legolas approached the chair slowly and seductively, showing off his lithely muscled body. When he got close enough to the chair Gimli grabbed him and pulled him down.

Under Gimli's brisk direction, Legolas knelt, legs wide apart, straddling the Dwarf's lap with his back to Gimli's chest. Legolas slowly impaled himself on Gimli's shaft, with Gimli overseeing the insertion.

Legolas took a few moments to luxuriate in the voluptuous ache of being stretched and filled by Gimli. He cherished the thick, heavy penis deep inside him; it was a thing as needful as air and food, song and stars. His muscles contracted, trying to draw the shaft deeper inside himself. Legolas' enduring passion for being penetrated was another reason why Gimli was in charge the Dwarf was full of variety and surprises.

"Is it a good join, Love?" asked the always-thoughtful Gimli. It was, after all, a new position.

"Oh, good, yes, always good," Legolas replied dreamily, then noted pragmatically, "But it is strange also. All I can see are your feet."

Gimli wiggled his toes jauntily at Legolas. "You don't need to see me. Just feel me. Close your eyes."

Legolas laughed and shook his head. How he loved this Dwarf! "Very well. But if you use this opportunity to tickle me, I'll have your head."

"Trust me, Beloved," Gimli said in a more serious tone.

"Always," Legolas said, and closed his eyes.

Gimli began by brushing his beard slowly and lightly all over Legolas' back while his hands stroked down the Elf's chest and belly. This first foray earned him a bit of writhing and a sigh.

Next he varied the pressure. Light little sweeps up the spine, aggressive swirls on first one shoulder blade, then the other. Legolas moaned, wriggled, and arched like a cat to bring just the right patch of skin under Gimli's roaming beard. The wriggling made subtle yet exquisite friction on Gimli's penis, and Gimli groaned. Oh yes, this was going very well!

Gimli's beard lightly feathered then firmly brushed. That won him a shiver, a prolonged grind of Legolas' hips, and a sound very much like a purr.

Kisses up the spine followed by a brisk whisking down made Legolas shiver and moan.

Tongue and teeth made delicate trails along shoulder blades, then the beard inundated the trails with grand, swooshing sweeps, causing Legolas to writhe and rock his hips rhythmically.

And so it went for many long, lovely, drawn-out minutes

Gimli gradually changed the focus to more directly sexual sensations. He wet his fingers and made gentle plucking motions on Legolas' nipples while running his beard aggressively and randomly over the Elf's back.

Alerted by the hitching breathing that presaged Legolas' more exuberant orgasms, Gimli ran a single finger up the Elf's erection and gently enclosed the head in his hand. Legolas sudden arching nearly uncoupled them, but Gimli quickly circled Legolas' waist with one arm and pulled the Elf back down.

Legolas whole body tingled and sang with sensation. He was flying, soaring, singing with waves of pleasure both within and without, and his body hummed like a taut bowstring. Delirious with pleasure, his body reacted unhindered. He quivered and gasped and surged in rhythmic contractions, rocked by wave after wave of desire and promise and need. Finally, he shrieked like an avenging wraith as the world burst asunder.

When Legolas lost control, Gimli's cock was buffeted in the maelstrom of the Elf's body. It was sweet beyond the telling and greater than he had hoped. With a drawn-out growl he tumbling over into resonant, bone-deep release.

Vignette 4: Post-coital Snuggle

When they recovered enough to move, they wobbled to the bed while clinging to each other for support, and collapsed in a heap.

They kissed languidly and Legolas stroked Gimli's beard. "Gimli, that was wonderful. Perfect. I wish I could do the same for you, but alas, I have no beard."

"Don't be daft, Elf. If I wanted a mate with a beard, I'd have searched closer to home. Besides, Dwarf hides aren't as responsive to touch. Except, well, here and there."

"Mmmm. Yes, I know about here. And also there," replied Legolas, as his gentle fingers demonstrated his intimate knowledge of Dwarven sensitive spots. He curled his lanky body around the extraordinary being he loved with all his heart and closed his eyes in contentment.

Gimli watched his Elf's face for a few minutes, marveling as he always did at the extraordinary beauty of his beloved. Before Lothlorien, before his eyes were opened to the wonder of all things Elven, he had not realized that Legolas was beautiful. Now that they were lovers, Legolas' beauty was both a constant joy and a sore trial. Although sure of his Elf's love and faithfulness, Dwarfish nature made him possessive and proprietary. Any male who showed an unseemly interest in his Elf faced a bristling Gimli warning them through gritted teeth to keep their distance, and flirting lasses were told courteously but definitely that he, Gimli, was Legolas' mate. No one east of the Shire wondered anymore about the nature of the relationship between the Lord of Aglarond and Legolas of Ithilien because Gimli continuously made it abundantly clear: the Elf was his.

As if reading his thoughts, Legolas opened his eyes, kissed Gimli's nose and said, "I am yours."

Gimli patted Legolas' hand and said, "I know. And I am also yours."

Legolas smiled sleepily and closed his eyes again, falling into contented dreams. Elves closed their eyes in sleep only when they felt exhausted, happy, and safe. Gimli prided himself in his ability to bring his Elf to that state time and again.

Wrapped in his snug cocoon of Elven arms and legs, Gimli reflected on how fine the world could sometimes be. He drifted into sleep thinking of interesting things to try tomorrow. The balcony had possibilities. ~


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