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Axe and Bow

A Legolas and Gimli fan archive

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by Sleeveheart

Warnings: None
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JRR Tolkien. No money is being made and no copyright infringement is intended.
Summary: Two elves of Lothlóien overhear ... something.

Fiolad, elf of Lorien, currently on guard duty, ran up to his friend, Nildor, whose guardpost was adjacent.

"Come with me, quickly," said Fiolad. "Something strange is happening down by the stream."

The elves ran in silence until Fiolad signaled a halt.

"Listen. Do you hear it?" Fiolad asked.

Nildor heard faint growls and groans, interspersed with a hitching keening that was clearly of elven origin.

"What is that?" asked Nildor.

"I am not sure. I thought at first that it was lovers."

"It sounds more like a warg killing an elf!" Nildor started toward the sound, but was stopped by Fiolad's restraining hand.

"Listen longer," said Fiolad.

The growls increased in volume, along with elven moaning, sighing, and keening.

Now it sounds like a warg raping an elf!" said Nildor. "However…" he paused and concentrated on the sound " the elf seems to be enjoying himself."

After a minute more of careful listening, he amended it to "enjoying himself immensely."

Elves love to be vocal in their passions whenever possible, but this sound was strange. What were those growls and gutteral groans? The two elves moved silently toward the sound. Peeking through concealing foliage, they discovered the source of the noise.

"That is the elf from Mirkwood," whispered Nildor. "Legolas is his name. But what is he … I mean, what is that … with him."

"I am not sure. Legolas seems to be in no distress, though," returned Fiolad, nudging Nildor playfully.

"Indeed. I would say he is far from distressed."

The scene was compelling. Legolas was beautiful even as elves reckon beauty, and elves are no more prone to shyness than they are to silence in sexual matters. With a quickly exchanged look, the two elves decided that watching Legolas in the grip of passion was a treat they would not deny themselves. And besides, there was a mystery here.

Enlightenment suddenly hit Fiolad. "Legolas' fuzzy lover is a dwarf!" he hissed.

Nildor stared at his friend incredulously, then returned to studying the scene. "I have never seen one before, but you must be correct. I heard that a dwarf is in the company of the Lady's guests. I had no idea that they were so … lusty."

"This dwarf is named elf-friend," whispered Fiolad.

"He is at least quite friendly with Legolas," said Nildor.

Both elves snickered and continued to stare entranced at the intertwined lovers.

Legolas moaned and sighed encouragements as the dwarf's mane of coarse hair shivered back and forth on the elf's smooth skin, from his chest to his belly and back again. Back and forth. Back and forth. A little sideways flourish to delight Legolas' nipples, then back and forth again.

"Truly, the dwarf mines with great stamina," observed Fiolad.

"And dedication."

"And highly accurate aim. Or so it would seen."


Legolas' cries and moans increased to the point that Nildor was reassessing the idea that maybe he needed rescuing after all. But before elf could act on the idea, Legolas' body went taut. He arched his back and cried out hoarsely, desperately, clinging to the dwarf, whose guttural voice joined him in shouting out their release. Legolas fell back, trembling and half-conscious, panting random endearments as he carded his fingers through the dark red fire of the dwarf's hair.

The observing elves found that their mouths had gone dry. Silently they faded back into the forest the way they had come.

"I never considered the possibilities of facial hair," Nildor said when they were far enough away to talk normally.

"Legolas liked it brushing against his skin," Fiolad observed, shivering happily at the thought. "I confess the idea interests me."

"I think it may be time we ended our long enmity with the dwarves."

"I was thinking the same thing."

"I believe they have much to show us."


"We have much to show them. They are apparently quick studies."

"And they have much stamina."



"Wonderful hair."

"They are an altogether admirable race."

The elves exchanged small smiles.

"We must suggest to our captains that the Galadhrim make a diplomatic visit to our long-estranged friends, the dwarves."

"I would be the first to volunteer for such a mission!"

"You would actually be the second."

Both elves laughed merrily and returned to their posts.


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