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Axe and Bow

A Legolas and Gimli fan archive

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Welcome to Axebow

The Axe and Bow Archive is the archive to the Axe_Bow Yahoogroup, a discussion forum devoted to the Lord of the Rings characters Legolas and Gimli, and the relationship between them, whether it be enmity, friendship or slash. It is owned and moderated by JulesAello, who has given me permission to produce this archive.

What's here

What's not here

  • Movie screenshots and related movie information (let's face it: it doesn't do them any favours);
  • Actor slashfic or RPS.
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What's New

Last Updated on: 11 May 2003
Last Update No.: 2.6

A full list of updates may be found on the Site History page.

A word of warning: some (though by no means all) of the fiction and artwork listed here are in fact slash (i.e. m/m pairings). If you are under the age of seventeen we recommend that you proceed no further.


And finally...

A few enthusiastic "Thank you"s are in order at this point:
To JulesAello, for letting me loose on this;
To Sha Gojyu, for looking over the code;
To BBC Education who make the amazing BETSIE freeware which produces the text-only versions of this site;
To the good people of Axe_Bow for their fic, art, comments and suggestions (you know who you are...);
And very particularly to Tracy, who kindly provided me with webspace, help, advice and art for this venture, including the logo above.

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Issue No.: 2.6
Site Last Updated: 11 May 2003
Webmistress: Mogs
URL: http://axebow.hakaze.com/