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The Dream

by Sarah

Warnings: AU
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JRR Tolkien. No money is being made and no copyright infringement is intended.
Feedback: Yes
Summary: Legolas dreams.
A/N: Thank you to my beta, Cheysuli. This is an AU and a very sad one at that. Some slash implied but this is mild. This is my first attempt at posting a story{my beta did my only other postings} so if I've done something wrong, please tell me. If this gets posted twice,I hope the list mom will remove one of them. I'm having server problems.

Legolas woke up with a jerk. He felt chilled and he knew all was not well. He buried his head in his pillow.The dream had come again;it had begun to haunt him regularly of late and he knew he would not be the same for days.Worse, lately it seemed he no sooner recovered when the dream would come again. He feared one day it would give him no time to recover.

The dream was not always the same but it was close enough that to Legolas it was the same.

It would start with the battle and Legolas wondered if it was some kind of payment for killing dwarves and now they came to haunt him.

"It was not my idea," he said loudly to the room.

The dream went on from there.

A baby cries that went silent too soon and Legolas knew the baby had ceased to exist.

"I didn't kill babies." He announced to the room.

Then there was some kind of Quest and sorrow so deep he could taste it but he knew not the why of it. Only that there were more deaths and he was somehow held responsible for it.

Fear entered his heart now.

Elrond and his words. The Ring. Surely this was the Quest. Elrond saying,"We know not of the troubles the dwarves face. They will not take counsel with us. The injuries from the battle still reign in their hearts and they will have naught to do with elves."

"It wasn't my fault." Legolas said, again to the room. "I was only obeying orders."

He usually refused to think of the next part of the dream.The first time the dream had come, right after the battle, he had actually laughed. He would never make love to a dwarf. Now he thought sadly, 'No. You never will.' He placed his hand gently on his chest, over his heart, trying to comfort himself. It was unfair to miss what should never be known. If only those dratted goblins had come sooner there would have been no battle between elves and dwarves. If only he had found some excuse to stay home.

He allowed the dream to play again in his mind.

Love stronger then anything he had ever known and it was found in the arms of a dwarf. Love to take your breath away and passion:such passion. Love to die for and he would have. Yet even knowing that, his heart cried and hungered for that love. Worse, truely, this grief that might kill him and there would be no love; no passion.

And then cries of death rang in his mind.

Legolas got up and found a parchment. He had carried it with him everywhere since he had first got it from Gandalf. The names of those he had killed. One bothered him more then all the rest.


The baby's cries. A baby that would never be. His fault.

"It is only a dream." Legolas told the room.

So why did his heart cry?


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