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Axe and Bow

A Legolas and Gimli fan archive

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Romantic Shakespeare Shorts

by Triskell

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JRR Tolkien. No money is being made and no copyright infringement is intended.
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Summary: inspired by a discussion on Axe_and_Bow. These are a number of short dialogues that might fit into various Shakespeare plays.
A/N: The "Twelfth Night" segment is dedicated to the Globe Theatre's 2002 production of the play, which featured men in the female roles, and had some of the best romantic tension I've ever seen. (for more info, see my review on http://web.utanet.at/lebicerw/showreps.htm)

***Romeo & Juliet***

Gimli: If I would take thy hand and, with a kiss, swear thou art fair beyond the sparkles of a diamond whose rainbow coloured brilliance lingers in the fading light, I could not touch the essence of how dear thy form has long become -- in deeds and thoughts my mind has twisted 'round the shadows of your face, the graceful curve of limbs that call to me and that I worship in my dreams.

Legolas: 'Tis but desire that thou speakst of, friend, and though its fire burns within me, I will not be tamed by honey words. It is thy deeds that tell me of thy love -- if thou wouldst have me, heart and soul, pledge me thy troth and bind us under moon and stars, to wander far across the reaches of the land and fill each other's lives with joy and love to be remembered in the centuries to come.

***A Midsummer Night's Dream***

Gimli: Art thou my lord? Then would I be thy lady, yet there is nothing gentle in my face, nor am I fair and tender in my deeds. I would deny that we are thus attached, and yet I cannot, for our lives have long been interwoven by a common bond.

Legolas: Spring hath passed our love, and summer's ripening fruits are heavy at the edge of death -- so must our love fall in this circle of decay if thou wilt not foreswear thy kinsmen and rejoin me in my fairy lands.

Gimli: I cannot so dishonour my estate and kin; 'twas but my love for thee that kept me in the garish sun for such a number of long years. But if thou wouldst, travel with me the reaches of wild Middle-Earth -- renounce thy kin as I have foresworn mine so that we may, alone against the world, become each other's kin and love in peace.

***Twelfth Night***

Gimli: What ails thee, friend, that this enamoured melodie brings tears of sorrow to thine eyes?

Legolas: Alas, 'tis naught but memories of joy this tune conveys -- a joy long passed -- a springtime that with laughter filled hath woven tender bands around my heart and keeps me in its web forevermore. Know then I had a sister, fair of face and strong of soul, whose warm regard I have long missed -- she was as much like me as I am like to her, and when her heart bled with her love, so bleed did mine I knew not what to do but cry in anguish for her pain.

Gimli: She passed away then?

Legolas: Aye, she travelled to the West, for there was naught that could have healed her in this world but death. I weep for knowing she hath sung this tune, and bitterer is my grief with every moment, yet here you give me comfort of a kind I dare not hope to have -- I cannot speak. I must not. Nay, my gentle Lord, I beg your pardon for these words, these tears ... I must depart!

Legolas rises, in distress, his fair face flushed with shame -- Gimli seizes his arm ere he departs and pulls him down to sit.

Gimli: Nay, Legolas, leave not; I am not offended, and I cherish thee. I cherish thee.

Gimli pats the elf's back, surprised to feel Legolas' arms wind around his waist, though he does not pull away...

***Much Ado About Nothing***

Legolas: By my troth, Haldir did swear thou lovest only me!

Gimli: As Aragorn hath sworn your heart was sick with love for me!

Legolas: Then, thou dost not love me?

Gimli: Hrmpf, no more than you love me.

Legolas looks thoughtfully at the dwarf, then winks and with grave face declares:

Legolas: Well then, I will have thee, dwarf. If thou not lovest me, and I not you, our hearts have struck a bargain.

Gimli (smiling): Aye, that is a word, my Lord, and good it is indeed. Give me your hand and we will bind ourselves and pledge our oaths that we do not love like fools, but will endure as men.

Legolas: Endure indeed -- a lifetime of thy grumbling shall cure me of all thoughts of pride.

Gimli: As you will cure me of my warrior's lust for death with gentle songs and moonlit walks. 'Tis a hard road that we have come across...

They grasp each other's arms.

Legolas: ...and let these elves and men and hobbitses be witness, that with this day we will embark upon it side by side.


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