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And the Sky broke up

by Tiamat's Child

Warnings: None
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JRR Tolkien. No money is being made and no copyright infringement is intended.
Summary: In which there is a storm and Gimli makes a rather surprising discovery.

It was storming that night. Aragorn had found an overhanging bank for the company to camp beneath, but the rain was coming down at a slant and drenching me, along with Aragorn and Boromir. The hobbits, however, were dry, as they had somehow managed to cram themselves at the very back of the overhang. I envied them their uncanny ability to locate the least uncomfortable spot at any campsite and claim it before anyone else could see it was the best. Still, despite the discomfort, I managed to find a sleep filled with strange dreams.

When I woke in the dark it seemed to me that I still slept. I had turned in my sleep, so that I faced the open plain. The scene there was violent and strange. Lightning tore ragged seams from cloud to earth, its bright flashes illuminating a purple-grey sky. Water coursed down, more a fall of a flood than a fall of rain. The wind keened like a mother searching for a lost child, and, indeed, seemed to be seeking something, though what it sought I doubt any could say.

Legolas stood out in this, his head tilted back to the sky. I wondered why it was that he did not drown in the rain. Water poured off of him, streaming from his hair, his face, his fingertips. The wind tore and plucked at him, seeming to wish to steal his hair and clothes from him, but he did not move.

My dream clouded mind fancied him a statue, the masterwork of some long forgotten sculptor. This thought did not seem odd to me at all. I could see why a master of stone would be proud of a work such as this. A strange sculpture perhaps, shaped too thin and long, yet not unpleasant. The lines of his form are strong and clean, his proportions in harmony to themselves.

Light burst as brightly as the noon sun and I saw his face fully. My breath seized in shock and wonder. Wild and strange indeed! His features gleamed with the rain, and joy filled them. Reflected in his face was an overwhelming pleasure. Seeing these things surprised and confused me. They surprised me because I had never suspected anything as deep of dwelling in this elf, and confused because it awakened in me a great wish to see him that full of joy again. But I did not wish it to be for love of a storm.

When I woke in the morning it seemed to me to be no more than one of the dreams I that troubled my sleep that night, and it puzzled me, but did not worry me overmuch. Yet the dreams fled when I tried to recall them, while this stayed. I looked to Legolas then, in hope that it was but a passing fancy. But I saw in that early light some small part of what I had seen the night before and understood it was no dream.

Thus it was that I first knew Legolas for beautiful, and marveled.


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