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Axe and Bow

A Legolas and Gimli fan archive

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Poems: To G from L

by Sleeveheart

Warnings: Poetic smut
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JRR Tolkien. No money is being made and no copyright infringement is intended.
Summary: A collection of iambic pentameter-based poems, addressed from Legolas to Gimli

To G

Iíd take your hand within this idle hour
And lead you to a place of dappled green.
My warrior mien Iíll gladly lay aside
To lie beneath you in our woodland bower.
Broad earthborn lover of unyielding stone.
Strong hands, strong heart, and mighty pillar wide.
A pillar great, on which I reach the stars
When your heartís fire burns for me alone.
Green leaves entwine the mighty pillar round
And draw it to the forestís secret door.
With potent strokes the mighty pillar plies
Its path into the greenwoodís wanting core.
My pain and pleasure both suborn to need
In this sweet moment when my star is freed.
My forge-hot prince of stone and steel desire,
I am the stream to quench your passionís fire


I part the ginger plumage of your pride -
My fingers seek two rosy, swollen nubs
Of tender skin, which in full contrast grace
Your muscled chest of tough and tempered hide.
Twin prodigies of gentle nubs I spy -
Plum-choice, peach-soft, and timid rosy nips
Rest snuggly in their nest of russet curls
And, honey-ripe, lie waiting for my lips.
More soft this flesh than any that I know
Save maybe of an elfling newly born.
This flesh more tender and more touch aware
Fresh come from hiding and more bare than bare
Due to the contrast sense of toughest hide
That rounds and nestles both on every side.
Amidst the shag are sweetest jewels unmined.
But my lips mine -- both mines are mined the same --
As with my tongue I stake the sweetest claim.
Until your wanton passionís rising heat
Presents me with a more expansive treat

Warning: Mild kink -- for roleplaying rough, woodsy games.

To G~

Racing through the woods I headlong fled
A randy gnome with heavy prick upthrust --
This sky-clad demon coursed with heavy tread,
Pursuing in the fury of his lust.
He laughed and told me I should have a taste
Of what I couldn't know while still un-chased.

He cornered me and brought me to the ground
And set upon, his lust to be rewarded.
He stripped me bare as he and turned me `round
And showed no mercy as he stormed and boarded.
His heavy-handed hammer laid me low
But I stood firm and met him blow for blow.

Conquered, I surrendered up my treasure.
His currency I took and gave him mine --
A fair exchange of goods in equal measure.
And as my demon lay in lust's decline
He named his victor's price and made me say
I won't run quite so fast when next we play.


-End- ?

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