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For the Love of Leaves

by Oakenshield

Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Graphic sex
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JRR Tolkien. No money is being made and no copyright infringement is intended.
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Summary: In Fangorn, Legolas helps Gimli enjoy the song of the trees and something magical happens

"You're restless," the Elf stated the obvious as the Dwarf fidgeted beside him, accidentally lodging a deceptively sharp elbow into his ribs.

Gimli turned to face him with a sigh. The whispering of the leaves had been keeping him awake half the night. Every time he drifted into sleep, a branch had cracked or a root had creaked, forcing him awake. It was beginning to drive him near to madness. How he had been persuaded to spend a night beneath these ghostly boughs was beyond him. Though, in truth, it had only taken something as slight as the widening of deep blue eyes to convince him. But that had been in the day, when light had filtered between the trees and birdsong had filled the air and everything had felt considerably less threatening.

"What is the matter with you, my dear Dwarf?" Legolas turned his eyes towards him. They were the only thing that were really clear in the shadowy darkness of the forest, and for a moment Gimli allowed himself to be distracted by the gaze. Before another rush of wind shook the branches above him, scattering a few leaves onto his face.

"Can't you hear it?" He clawed the dead foliage from his beard. They had made their bed between the roots of a huge tree, for shelter Legolas had said, but all it seemed determined to do was drop it's rubbish on them.

Legolas shook his head. "Hear what?" He had been lying, awake, but quite comfortable and relaxed, for the same amount of time. Though Gimli expected he would probably be enjoying all the racket of the forest.

"The trees," he whispered, as if he were afraid some leafy ear may overhear him. He glanced around, feeling as though a thousand eyes were starting at him at once; though the only eyes he could see were the bright pair sparkling before him, gazing somewhat intently at him, appearing to study his every breath, pupils strangely enlarged despite the darkness… A branch hissed over his head as wind ran through it's leaves, seeming to scold him for his thoughts and he sat up with a start. "I would swear they are talking!" He laughed uneasily to try to wash some tension from his body.

"They are talking," Legolas stated plainly, lying back with a smile, folding his arms back under his head. He turned his ear to the branches above his head and closed his eyes. Gimli could see his friend visibly relax as the trees wove their song, but to him it did not sound nice.

"Disapproving no doubt," he muttered. "They don't like us being here."

"No!" Legolas opened one eye to look at him. "Why would they disapprove? They're pleased. It's been many years since they've had an Elf in their midst."

Gimli looked down at him, absently plucking leaves and dead pine needles from the blond mane. How could anything not be pleased to have the Elf in their presence? How could anything not find him so beautiful they wished to hold him forever? "And what do they think of me?" he asked.

"They're a bit wary of you, that's all." Legolas gave a little smile as Gimli tickled the edge of his ear as he tidied his hair. "Your axes make them nervous though they know you wouldn't use them."

Gimli looked askance at his companion, trying not to laugh, wondering if the Elf realised how absurd he sounded. "The trees really talk to you, do they?"

Legolas shook his head, deliberately missing the fact that the Dwarf was mocking. "Only to each other. I merely eavesdrop. But I can tell what they are feeling by the way they move. They are alive, Gimli, their movement's not all down to the wind."

As if to prove his point, the trees flanking them seemed to bend closer and Gimli felt his breath still. "They're oppressive."

"They're cradling us," he objected. "A harsh wind would be all around us if it were not for them. You should be grateful. I know I am." He took a breath and lifted high a song, not noticing – or at least not paying heed to – Gimli's obvious discomfort.

Gimli noticed the Elf's pale clean hands burrow through the carpet of dead leaves to sink into the dirt below, clutching at the earth as it seeped between his fingers and he took a deep breath as if the soil gave him life. A leaf fluttered by to caress his cheek, and he smiled around the words of his strange tune. His eyes were vacant, and Gimli could tell he'd drifted into the weird trance-like state Elves were so prone to.

Strange he looked, even a little eerie, but the Dwarf didn't think he'd ever seen him look more lovely. He could swear he was glowing. Glowing with life, and love, and lust for the living forest. Euphoric in his worship.

To Gimli, there didn't appear to be any words to his song, just a random flow of notes (though there could have been words but he didn't understand them, or he wasn't meant to). It felt like the Elf's song was permeating into his very being, and though he normally loved the sound of Legolas's voice, it did nothing to ease him at this moment. It sounded like he was singing in an entirely foreign tongue meant only for the trees, and worse still, the trees replied, the wind carrying a harmony of notes through the branches.

"Stop it." Uneasiness ran in a cold chill down his spine in the way the trees seemed to answer.

"Why?" Legolas blinked and looked at him, still gripping a handful of damp earth. "Listen, Gimli. Just listen to them."

He lay for long moments but all he heard was more creaking and cracking. "I cannot hear it."

"You are not listening with the right ears. You listen with the ears of a Dwarf. Listen with my ears, you will hear their song just as you would hear the song of water running behind a wall of a cave." Legolas gazed plaintively at him. "I want you to hear it, and enjoy it as I do."

Gimli sighed as he felt the beautiful gaze start to weaken him. "I don't understand their tongue," he grumbled.

"Nor do I. But you can still understand their intention. I do not speak the tongue of Dwarves, yet I would know whether words were spoken in kindness, or jest, or malice by the tone. Listen. Listen properly. You made me stomach those caves to get the full pleasure of it, as you called it. I will make you do the same." He pulled the Dwarf close against his chest. "Lay your head upon me, listen to my heart. The beat is not so dissimilar to that of the trees."

Gimli shifted closer, draping an arm across his chest and a leg across his thighs. Soft tresses of blond hair tickled his forehead as he laid his ear against the firm chest, listening carefully to the slow gentle thud-thud-thud of the immortal heart. It seemed to speak to him.

/ I beat for you. Only you. Only ever you. /

"Lasto hûn-nin," Legolas whispered against his hair, losing himself in his own language under the spell of the trees.

Gimli frowned, and felt the Elf give a little apologetic chuckle but was determined to make sense of the order. For he felt it was an order. "Lasto. Listen? Yes?"

"Yes," Legolas whispered. "Sorry. You scold me for speaking in tongues you do not understand. I said – "

Gimli hushed him. "'Listen to my…. To your…" he tried to kick his memory into working. "Listen to my…" he sighed.

"You're already listening to it," Legolas told him. "Or at least, you should be. I said 'listen to my heart'. Though it is yours, really. I do not have claim to it anymore." He kissed his forehead. "Close your eyes Gimli. Take that sense away and use others instead."

Reluctantly Gimli closed his eyes, listening to the Elf's heartbeat with one ear and to the trees with the other. It did not feel so strange anymore; Legolas's steady pulse was a comfort to him. An arm draped around his shoulders and slender fingers combed through his hair, massaging his scalp. He let a contented sigh escape his lips as the Elf's hand moved down to his neck, kneading the strain from his tense muscles. The other hand moved to the small of his back, rubbing in small soothing circles.

"Do you mind very much if I sing?" Legolas whispered. "I would love to sing with the trees. It has been so long. The trees never sing in Mirkwood anymore."

He sounded so forlorn that Gimli could not refuse him. "Go ahead." He shifted closer to his lover's side as Legolas pulled him tighter against his body. "I'll be all right. I'm being a bit of a baby really, aren't I?" he admonished himself for his foolishness. "They're only trees, after all."

"They're not *only trees*," Legolas said. "I understand your nervousness. I felt the same in your caves, but I went in because I love you. And you're here because you love me, and that means a lot. I won't let you be afraid, Gimli. You will feel the wonder of this forest before the night is out. I will make sure of that."

Gimli forced a smile, very doubtful that he would feel anything but discomfort for the rest of the night. "Get singing then," he told him. "Oh, I must be turning soft; it's your fault."

He felt the Elf's chest rise beneath his head as he took a breath before starting his song again, appearing to pick up where he had stopped at the Dwarf's interruption earlier. Once again, the trees grew animated, hissing to each other in excited whispers. Their branches shook, though no wind moved them. Gimli shut his eyes tightly and buried his head further into Legolas's breast, trying to ignore the sounds around him.

The hand at his back moved slowly around to his chest, stroking the solid muscles hidden beneath the thin cotton of his shirt. It was still strange to feel Legolas's hands so close to his flesh without the barrier of armour and chain mail. Strange, but pleasant. Very pleasant. Very pleasing. The hands were warm, fingers light and fast as they pulled at the ties at the collar of the shirt and for a moment, Gimli could forget about the trees and lose himself in his lover's touch.

"Get rid of it," Legolas whispered huskily. "Get rid of your shirt. I want to feel your skin." He sat up to yank his own shirt over his head, before falling back against the ground and resuming his song to the wood.

Gimli studied the body lying prone beside him as he removed his shirt. The Elf's eyes looked positively aflame with sudden and unexpected desire as he twisted slightly in his position, sinking his shoulders back into the bed of leaves. He heard a soft thud to his side as the Elf kicked his boots off, placing his bare feet flat upon the floor as his back arched.

/Is he excited over me or the damn trees? / Gimli thought to himself with some annoyance, though a strange flush of desire was beginning to wash over him too, making the fit of his trousers more than a little uncomfortable.

He sat frozen for some moments, staring bewitched at the enchantment his lover seemed to have fallen under. He could feel it start to grip him too, though he tried to fight it. Something deep within his Dwarven heart – so deep that it was not Dwarvish – made him want to sing too. Though he did not. His voice was not worthy to drone alongside the pure tones of the Elf.

Legolas sang in several strange tongues that he was certain even the Elf himself didn't understand, and evermore the trees joined in, one by one until the entire forest seemed to have turned into a chorus. Then Legolas slipped into a few words he did understand.

Gimli shook his head, unable to believe he had just heard the Elf utter Khuzdûl. Legolas did not know two words of the language, as far as he was aware. But it was like every living tongue that had ever existed, and that the ancient forest had ever heard and captured in it's memory, was being set free again, and the spirit of the forest had chosen Legolas to voice them. Every emotion - joy, pain, anger, love, fear – was all being set loose and Gimli felt overwhelmed. But he did not feel worried about the possession Legolas was under, he could see it was not harming the Elf. If anything, it was pleasing him.

He turned his eyes to the Elf's slender body, as Legolas loosened the ties of his leggings, twisting until they fell down his legs enough for him to kick free of them. He lay naked on the forest floor, letting loose a moan of delight as the leaves and wind rushed over his skin. No barriers stood between him and the soul of the wood and he lifted his song higher into the boughs.

Gimli stared on like a voyeur of some secret affair and felt his desire pool hotly into his groin.

"Oh, for the love of Durin…" he murmured, mesmerized by the sight, captivated by the slow movement of the Elf's lips. He reached out a hand to touch the pale flesh of the Elf's leg, but in an instant Legolas had shot out a hand to catch his wrist and the spell was broken. Before he could comprehend anything else, he found himself flat on his back with the Elf astride him, tugging at the belt of his trousers with a wild animalistic glint in his eyes.

Gimli felt something alien rush through him as the eyes hypnotised him. "Don't stop!" He felt like he had interrupted something sacred. "Sing!" he demanded, surprised even as he spoke the words. "Keep singing!"

Legolas sang softly as he lowered his head to attack the Dwarf's neck with his mouth, sucking and biting so hard that it was almost painful. Almost. The Elf's hand brushed lightly across his chest, pausing to tug gently on the gold hoop he had pierced through his left nipple. Legolas had always been fascinated by the piercing, and always exploited it to the limit of the pleasure it could give.

Gimli groaned and tried to clasp his hand in Legolas's hair but found his hand tapped away. Unconsciously imitating the Elf's earlier gesture, he dug his fingers into the dirt at his sides as Legolas moved lower down his body, ravishing every inch of bared skin in his path, creating teeth-marks and bruises all over the Dwarf's torso, his breath tickling as his voice formed new words to his song.

As the Elf's mouth swept roughly across his abdomen, Gimli cried out and reached down with his other hand to try to sink his fingers into the golden hair again but again his hand was swiped away. He couldn't understand what had suddenly come over Legolas, but he was by no means going to stop him.

"Don't touch me," Legolas told him, looking up at him with his eyes nearly black with lust. "This is for you Gimli. Just for you. Don't speak. Just close your eyes, just lie back, and just…. just feel." He ducked his head again, viciously pulling Gimli's trousers open with his teeth.

Gimli whimpered as the cold air hit his overheated flesh but within a second – barely enough time for the Elf to remove his straining sex from the confines of the cloth – he felt a warm mouth close around him, licking and sucking unmercifully and the whimper turned into a growl of need. He dug his hands into the dirt again, feeling the wet soil sink beneath his fingernails. It was cool to the touch in comparison to the heat the Elf's mouth was generating between his legs, and he clutched large handfuls of it.

It came to his awareness all of a sudden that Legolas had stopped singing. He was certain he could still hear the song somewhere on the wind, as if the trees were carrying the echo of the Elven voice. He shut his eyes again and let the melody carry him as his length was swallowed in the delicious warmth of the Elf's throat and a velvety tongue pulsed torturously against the underside of his shaft, increasing his yearning and his frustration with every stroke to the point that he wanted to scream to end it. The tongue began to lave in impossibly lazy circles around the head of his desire as Legolas, somewhat clumsily, divested him of his trousers and boots, drawing one leg over his shoulder.

The sweet scent of the oil they used to ease their lovemaking entered Gimli's nostrils as Legolas groped inside his pack, never once removing his mouth from the Dwarf. Gimli bit into his lower lip and reached above his head to grasp the sturdy tree root as a slicked finger invaded the opening between his buttocks shortly followed by another. He spread his legs to allow Legolas more room as a third finger was sharply inserted, making him clench his teeth to suppress a hiss of pain; though desire caused him to moan aloud as well. He had never seen Legolas so desperate, so dominant, so wanton and it excited him as much as it unnerved him. It would be the first time Legolas had taken him thus; it was the first time Legolas had showed his true lust for him and it surpassed any emotion Gimli had ever felt before. So overcome he was that he felt a sob well up in his throat but swallowed it before it could escape.

Legolas looked up at him, hunger in his eyes, a bead of fluid clinging to his lower lip as he let the Dwarf's painfully hard sex slip from his mouth. "Melamin," he whispered, his tongue darting between his lips to draw the droplet into his mouth.

Gimli groaned and let his head fall back into the pillow of leaves, unable to look at the Elf a second longer. Did he have any idea how gorgeously depraved he looked? How he caused Gimli's heart to thunder in his chest in such a tremulous rhythm? How it made him throb with want so hard that he felt like he'd burst?

"Legolas… please..." he begged hoarsely as the Elf slowly drew his long fingers in and out of his body, deliberately avoiding touching the spot inside him that would bring him the most untold pleasure.

He forced his head off the floor to look at his lover and his rapid breath stuck in his chest. Legolas had taken a palm-full of oil in his free hand and was using it to grease his own member, a look of enrapture upon his face as he leaned his head back to the tree canopy and began to sing again. The song was ecstasy to Gimli now and it possessed him as it did the Elf, invading his ears and flooded every one of his senses in turn until it, and the combined cadence of his and Legolas's laboured breath, and the fingers stroking his insides were the only things he was aware of. It seemed to burn through him, raping every nerve, destroying any remnant of apprehension it found, kindling any desire it crossed, smouldering further and further down his body until he felt like he was on fire.

He was hardly aware of the Elf moving to align their bodies, catching his legs to draw them up to his chest, as he slid easily inside him.

"Keep singing!" Gimli pleaded as the unnatural hum of the trees returned to his ears, making his body tense, adding pain to the sweet invasion of his lower half.

"I can't," Legolas gasped at his ear as he pushed slowly into his body. "I can't…. Oh Gimli…. You feel so good… so good…"

Gimli felt his arm move to clasp Legolas to his body but remembered the order not to touch him and clutched the tree root tighter instead. He gasped as his desire built up in his groin as the smooth muscled stomach of the Elf rubbed against him with every slow thrust. And with every slow thrust, Legolas aimed his hips so the head of his erection rubbed across the sensitive gland in the Dwarf's body, making Gimli gasp and shiver from the inside out.

"Legolas… please…" he implored again. "You may be able to last indefinitely but I cannot!" He raised his hips to match the Elf's thrusts, drawing him further into his body.

Legolas cried out. "No one … can last… indefinitely!" he panted, a harsh moan escaping his lips as Gimli wrapped his legs around his thighs, forcing him in deeper. He bucked violently and a curtain of fair hair fell around Gimli's facing, stealing away his sight.

That sense robbed of him, the sound of the trees returned tenfold, perfectly synchronised with the sound of the Elf's breath by his ear. A shudder ran through him despite himself but it only caused Legolas to moan louder. Or was that him moaning? Or was it some movement of the wind in the branches above them? He tried to convince himself that it was only his own body that was shaking but the ground beneath him seemed to grow warm and quake, as if some great roots of fire had come to life. The trees around them quivered, sending leaves in a cascade around them and over them, whipping up a breeze that chilled their overheated skin so much that it burned. But he was too addled to try and make sense of it, too aroused to be disturbed by it, too desperate to even care. The warm glow that had been building in his spine suddenly swam to his groin and he called out his lover's name.

"Shh…" Legolas whispered, his hands clawing in the leaves either side of Gimli's neck.

Gimli could swear he could see a glow of white heat coming from the Elf's skin; and his own; and from everything close to them. His body began to tremble beyond his control. "Legolas!" he yelled in warning.

"I know! I know!" Legolas cried, his own body suddenly growing tense, shuddering as he drove himself deeper and faster into the welcoming body of the Dwarf, who clenched tightly around him as he lingered on the edge of his climax.

Gimli gripped the root harder in his desperation, and again he told himself it must have been down to his suddenly heightened senses for he was certain it grew hot beneath his touch and began to tremble. Whatever it was, he began to tremble harder. "Legolas…" he whimpered, tears escaping his eyes, as he felt the Elf's member slide nearly completely from his body.

With a keening cry, Legolas arched his back and plunged with one sharp upward thrust, rocking back and forth, as he pumped every last drop from himself. It was that last ruthless movement – though he felt it had nearly ripped him in two - that pushed Gimli over the edge and he let a harsh growl escape from between his teeth as the mounting tension in his body flooded free, spilling across his stomach, shaking his body so violently he was amazed he managed to keep contact with the Elf atop and inside him.

Legolas collapsed over him, twitching with aftershocks, and Gimli could feel his heart hammering against his ribs. He circled his arms around the strong back, gently stroking the damp skin that was all too quickly turning cold to the touch. They lay for some long moments, regaining their breath, listening to the forest return to it's hush, growing quiet as they did, as if some great pressure had been released from it. The trees that had felt oppressive to Gimli earlier now reclined, allowing him air, fanning his body with a gentle breeze. He felt a blush crawl over his face though he wasn't sure why.

"Did you feel it?!" Legolas raised his head and looked at him with childish wonder in his eyes. "Gimli, did you feel it?!" He clutched the Dwarf's shoulders.

Gimli nodded slowly. "I don't know what it was, but yes I felt it!" He clasped the Elf tightly against his body. "I felt it. It was…" He couldn't put it into words. "What happened to you?!"

"It was… the wood… I… I don't know!" Legolas gasped. "It was incredible!" He hugged Gimli close, letting his softening member slip from his body. "Something just came over me, I know it came over you too." He followed Gimli's gaze to the tree above them. "They're such voyeurs, you know," he said seriously, with only the hint of a smile playing at the corner of his mouth.

Gimli laughed then, long and loud. "I do not doubt your words though you say them in jest!" he said. "Whatever it was, it was magic. It did something that's going to stay with us forever." He took a breath to voice the words they both hated so much. "And when I die---"

"Gimli, don't," Legolas said sharply, rolling off the Dwarf to pull the blankets around both of them.

"When I die," Gimli continued, "it will still be here, what happened tonight. The forest will always remember it, when even you have passed. Men will make their way here, the forest may fall and fade to barely a shadow of the glory it possesses now, but somewhere there will be one root, or one sapling that remembers this. And it will tell it's tale through the voice of a fair one again. This is something not even rock could hold, for this is something not even time can steal from us. For what is time? Ask them." He waved a hand to indicate to the trees. "Time is nothing."

Legolas regarded him with tears in his eyes. "Gimli…" he whispered, reaching out to touch his cheek, lowering his head as the tears escaped.

The Dwarf raised his head to kiss him, catching the Elf's face between his hands to hold him to him. He could taste tears in the sweetness of the kiss, turning it somewhat bitter but he held on until the quiet sobs had ceased. "I'm sorry my love, I didn't mean to upset you," he held Legolas back from his body to look carefully at him, tears flooding his own eyes.

"You didn't," Legolas whispered, kissing the edge of the hand that cupped his face. "But that was so beautiful, what you just said." He grinned mischievously. "Though I must say, you're starting to sound like an Elf."

"An Elf! Humph! Never!" Gimli cried with mock indignation, pulling Legolas down to lie against his shoulder, smoothing the tangles from his hand with his fingers. "I told you I was turning soft, didn't I?" He felt lips form a smile against his neck, as the weight of the Elf's body grew heavier upon him as he relaxed into sleep. "Legolas?" He shifted to look at his face but his eyes were staring blankly into the distance. He placed a kiss against the crown of his head. "I love you," he whispered, closing his eyes to follow his lover into sleep.


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